The FM Sudafix Product Range


Earthing Services is a brand associate company of FM Sudafix, and for many of its customers Earthing Services is the access point to the FM Sudafix product range.

IMG_1053FM Sudafix is committed to providing the best materials, components and products to the marketplace. All of the company’s products can be supported by our technical team and their range of services; however you are very welcome to purchase any of our items without obligation to request supplementary services.

Demonstrate your commitment to superior safety by specifying FM Sudafix components.

In order to directly address the needs of our customers with specific environmental, performance or security requirements FM Sudafix has developed and refined its range. With a friendly, helpful and effective team to represent and manage its customers’ needs FM Sudafix is well placed to offer one of the best customer experiences available in the marketplace.

Some specific products are highlighted in the associated pages but please feel welcome to contact the team through this website, the FM Sudafix website, or by calling the Earthing Services office on the telephone number provided.