Conducrete Conductive Concrete

Earthing Services is a brand associate company of FM Sudafix, and for many of its customers Earthing Services is the access point to the FM Sudafix product range.

FM Sudafix: The Conductive Concrete Company

saeFMS_logoREDConducrete saves time, money and lives for customers. Being one of the most rigorously tested and trialed products in the history of the electrical safety sector it is independently proven to offer a lower electrical resistance than the traditional first choice premium brand. It is also faster to install for two very good reasons, less of it is required to be used therefore less installation time is required, but in many applications it does not even require water to be added. When this is compared to the greater volume required of its main rival, along with potentially other additives as well as water results in Conducrete reducing costs even further. It is no secret that for most large consumers the per bag price may be slightly higher, but buying a cheaper product on a per bag level is an unbelievably false economy. Taking such claims on face value is unlikely in the construction industry and to verify FM Sudafix’s claims one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world tested the product endlessly and not only evidenced a 60% increase in efficiency in the earthing of the deployment, but also a saving of many millions of pounds. Rarely are products as good as people claim, but Conducrete is the exception.

IMG_1053Conducrete is a conductive concrete, which creates safe zones in areas where traditional methods are unsuitable, components stolen, or enhanced safety is required. Conducrete helps to create safe systems where before there would be threats to life. The applications of Conducrete are vast and in a wealth of Earthing Services’ projects it has demonstrated astounding theft-resistance of matallic elements. The versatility of this product makes it difficult to provide an exhaustive list of its capabilities; new applications for Conducrete are being discovered frequently.

Conducrete® is provided in powder form and is available in 25kg bags (in line with manual handling requirements), or smaller 11.5kg bags. It is easy to install dry directly from the bag, or mixed with water in a slurry format and pumped into the trench or hole.

Conducrete® adds substantial protection to any system where low impedance earthing / grounding is required and it has been successfully utilized to enhance and protect earthing/grounding systems across many industries including the following: Electrical Utilities, Telecommunications, Broadcasting, Wind Farms, Mining, Oil and Gas, Industrial and Manufacturing, Municipal and Institutional and Military.

Summary of Conducrete®’s key features and benefits

  1. Protects earthing/grounding systems from theft and sabotage
  2. Environmentally neutral
  3. Significantly extends the life of earthing/grounding systems
  4. Dramatically enhances the performance of earthing/grounding systems for superior electrical and lightning protection for your assets
  5. Excellent overall value
  6. The knowledge that your site shares the same standard as an array of prestigious structures around the world.
Part number Type Pack quantity Unit weight kg
Conducrete standard sized bag 1 bag 25
Conducrete smaller sized bag 1 bag 11.5

Conducrete® is the most effective earthing / grounding solution in the world, addressing the challenges of any environment in terms of electrical safety, protection of valuable elements from theft and superior earthing performance. One of the most versatile products in the sector Conducrete® is demanded by consultants who operate at the cutting edge of advancements in the industry. If you require further information about this product please get in touch with the Earthing Services Nottingham office, or use the contact form on this website.