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FM Sudafix Earthing Products

FM Sudafix Earthing Products

FMS_logoREDEarthing Services is a brand associate company of FM Sudafix, and for many of its customers Earthing Services is the access point to the FM Sudafix product range.

FM Sudafix has long had a reputation for supplying an excellent standard of service and product, and that reputation is substantiated today by the company’s ongoing trade where customers receive the right specification materials, at the right time, and at a budget sensitive right price. It is easy to presume that one supplier is the same as another, or that two products with the same label or name represent the same standard of quality, but that is simply not always the case. FM Sudafix regularly works with approvals bodies or third party authorities and as such it is accustomed with the standards expected, further with John Maher, Earthing Services Senior Technical Partner sitting on numerous standards bodies it logically follows that FM Sudafix is respected and trusted because its staff has the necessary expertise to support its customer base. Regular clients know that FM Sudafix represents a seal of approval on any electrical safety system.

Knowing that the grade of copper tape meets with specification, or that the exothermic welding equipment will contain the correct powder ratio is a significant benefit, but representing the highest standard of familiar materials is not enough for a company as forward thinking as FM Sudafix. Having the expertise and foresight that it does has resulted in FM Sudafix identifying methods and exclusive sector leading products that revolutionise system performance and installation practice. Electrical earthing products such as Conducrete and you are warmly encouraged to visit the dedicated product page on this website to see why regular users of it are so enthusiastic based upon their successes with Conducrete.

FM Sudafix has regular customers for materials, and through its brand associate Earthing Services has regular customers for technical services, and some regular customers for both. Being a customer for one aspect of the enterprise does not necessitate being a customer for the other, and this is a decision that FM Sudafix respects. The technical department and product supply team largely work independently of each other, however for customers requiring both parts of the company the teams can work closely together to ensure the best customer experience available in the marketplace. Departmental targets do not overlap and as such customers for technical are safe in the knowledge that the system designs that they require are appropriately specified to the risks of the site, not enhanced to increase a prospective material sale. The ethics behind the teams are impeccable and whilst new customers may be cynical at first, regular customers always attest to the professionalism of the FM Sudafix team.

Whilst FM Sudafix has a more holisitic view of a site’s electrical safety systems, traditionally the construction industry has separated its composite parts and as such they are addressed individually below.


Electrical earthing systems: Knowing the quality specified is the quality supplied

Electrical earthing systems are a site’s safety net for fault electrical current. FM Sudafix’s brand associate Earthing Services is a widely respected organisation at designing this variety of electrical safety system and if you are interested in learning about this technical service please feel welcomed to visit the services section of this website to discover how the company can help you. Electrical earthing products are the most overwhelmingly popular that FM Sudafix sells and this is as much due to the quality as it is to do with the highest standard of customer experience found in the marketplace. Whether companies require copper tapes, bars, cables

As a result of the expertise within the company staff members are well versed on the sorts of issues facing installation and potential lifetime of an installation. A clear example of this might be “bird-caging” in bare cable conductor systems. Installation companies often prefer to use cable instead of flat tape or bar variety systems because it is simply easier to manipulate. This being said bare cable systems are often subject to the process of bird-caging which is where the strands of a cable begin to splay, generally this occurs first in the middle of the cable and continues outwards over a period of time. The consequence of this splaying is that the conductor will no longer perform as it did on the day of installation. Conductors are specified in size based upon the current carrying capacity of the cross-sectional area, and whilst a tape or bar variety system will continue to offer the same cross-sectional area (subject to corrosion, which itself can be protected against using Conducrete) a splayed or bird-caged cable will not. It is highly likely that corrosion will increase due to the larger overall surface area of the exposed internal strands and as a result heat within the system under fault conditions will increase. Having this longer term view on a product sale adds value to a project in terms of providing reliable counsel when installation companies or end-clients are making construction decisions.

Not only does FM Sudafix offer a great range of products that ably compete with competitive manufacturers or retailers, and not only does it combine it with a great customer experience, it also has access to proprietary technology and exclusive products such as Conducrete. It is really easy to dismiss two products as identical because they are used in the same way in the same application, but this would be a mistake when it comes to Conducrete. Conducrete is demonstrably 30% more effective than what many would consider the “default choice” product. It has been exhaustively tested in every possible way by one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, and demonstrably represents savings of many millions of pounds on their largest investment in infrastructure. Conducrete is so popular with some of its users that they now refuse to install an electrical earthing system without using it, even if it isn’t strictly required to achieve the target resistance value.

Please visit the page for Conducrete in this section of the website because it is explored in more detail.


Lightning protection systems: If lightning ever strikes be protected by the best

It is common for people to be cynical about the need to have a lightning protection system on the strength that lightning is a seemingly rare occurrence but in fact it strikes the earth 100 times a second, or 8 million times a day. If we change the threat from lightning to a road traffic accident we would be unlikely to get in to a car without using the safety belt, and knowing that the driver was insured. When bad things happen, no matter whether the threat is lightning or a plane crash, nobody is forewarned to take sufficient precautions and the aftermath is always littered with people who quite reasonably saying “I never thought that something like this could happen to me”, that is on the basis that they have been lucky enough to survive to say it. This may all seem incredibly dramatic but there are few events that can happen to a person more dramatic than personally being struck by lightning, or being within an unprotected structure that is struck by lightning. Being trapped in a burning building, being injured or killed by machinery in critical electrical fault, or being electrocuted through electrical equipment are nightmare scenarios that anyone would wish to avoid, and insurance companies invariably share that view. Lightning can be scientifically protected against by abiding by the requirements of standards, and by not being convinced to adopt the “snake oil” solutions which claim to offer superior protection by “grabbing” lightning from the air. FM Sudafix engineers are experts at designing effective lightning protection systems and the product team will provide materials that will do the job for which they are intended.


If you would like to discuss FM Sudafix products, or if you would be interested in receiving a quotation for materials of any variety please feel warmly welcomed to get in touch either through the contact page of this website, the contact page of the FM Sudafix website, or by calling the Nottingham Earthing Services office.