Calum Heath Managing Partner


Calum Heath - Managing Partner of Earthing Services and Managing Director of FM Sudafix

Calum Heath – Managing Partner of Earthing Services and Managing Director of FM Sudafix

Companies are a bit like boats, they need a captain. Earthing Services is no exception, and few roles in the business are as performance critical as that of Managing Partner. Fortunately the company has a forward thinking and decisive person in that role, being Calum Heath. Since joining the construction industry Calum has gained experience and demonstrable accomplishments in construction risk management, building consultancy, electrical safety technical design, and project management. Heath’s ambition to develop, refine and hone his skill-set whilst enhancing the company made him an immediate asset; from the moment he came to FM Sudafix it was clear that Calum Heath would play an integral role in the future of the organisation. Inspiring the confidence of the board through his propensity for getting to the heart of the matter and his cultivation of a no-nonsense, performance focused, working environment Calum was ear-marked for further advancement. After receiving the promotion from Integrated Systems Manager to General Manager, and later Managing Director, Calum undertook a dramatic overhaul of fundamental company processes; from that point Calum has helped direct corporate strategy whilst refining the development of FM Sudafix. Later changes in the corporate structure saw Heath’s job title evolve from Managing Director to Managing Partner, but his role remained very much the same. The architect for the brand separation between Earthing Services and FM Sudafix, yet remaining the central link between the product supply aspects and technical services, Calum Heath defines Earthing Services; a laudable choice to continue the legacy of excellence.




From Calum Heath

I am proud of the position that our company holds in the construction industry. The team is one of the elite few organisations who are able to offer the best standard of technical electrical safety solutions to the marketplace. There is a growing number of traders claiming to have competency in our field, but our successes speak for themselves, and thankfully we do not need to rely on empty claims and vague statements to win business. We operate in a different way, we know our stuff, and our engineers fulfill the promises we offer, instead of the out-sourcing approach favoured by the intermediary tier of the industry.

A key part of my role is communicating the company’s position to our clients or suppliers, on any number of issues. Electrical earthing is a serious issue because it’s usually our responsibility to protect lives and assets, and that means that sometimes we need to have serious conversations with people. That is one of the reasons that our customers trust us and return time and again, because we offer reliable advice.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, and we hope that we can offer you our excellent standard of support very soon.