Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey Club:


DSC02624Earthing Services is a main team sponsor of the GMB Nottingham Panthers ( and over the a number of seasons has supported the club as it has lifted trophy after trophy during their dominance of the Elite Ice Hockey League (

Nottingham Panthers GM Gary Moran personally secured the deal back in 2010 that saw Earthing Services’ brand partner FM Sudafix align itself with the most exciting team in the British top flight.

John Maher, Earthing Services Senior Technical Partner, pointed out that Gary Moran was, and remains a key factor to the successes of the association between the two organisations, “Gary is the best GM in the league, and I’m sure you could cast an even wider net and that would remain the case. His efforts to make this deal work for us were, and continue to be, considerable and our appreciation will always be heartfelt and enduring.”

In its first season of sponsorship FM Sudafix team members watched on as the club won the Challenge Cup and the Play-Offs, a feat they repeated the following season. In its third season sponsoring the increasingly feared Nottingham Panthers FM Sudafix top management cheered on as the club added the Elite Ice Hockey League title to its tally and completed the cup haul by retaining both the Challenge Cup and the Play-Off trophy, an unprecedented level of success!

SAM_1388In recent years no sporting club in the UK of any variety has achieved the same level of success as the Panthers. But the achievements of the Nottingham Panthers are not confined to the glories of lifting trophies at the National Ice Centre, their significant contributions to public life go much further.  The Nottingham Panthers is the most socially responsible, community spirited, and easily most entertaining sports team in the city, and many would argue the country. Not only does the Panthers organisation conduct itself in a classy way, but it achieves an enormous amount for the people of the city along their winning way.

John Maher has become devoted to the Panthers during the period of the company’s sponsorship of the club, “Backing the Panthers is the right partnership for our firm. Not only do we benefit from having our brand associated with a team that is the envy of all others in their league, but we also know that the sponsorship in part enables the club to enrich the wider community too. Every fan of any sport is likely to feel great pride when they wear a replica playing shirt because of the meaning that it holds for them; I know when I wear my Panthers jersey that the badge represents the finest club in the city who do the most they can, never the least.” The Nottingham Panthers undertake regular outreach works in the local community, particularly in the time the management and players devote to going in to local schools to meet with young people and encourage them to conduct themselves responsibly in relation to any number of important health and safety issues.

Froch PanthersAlong the way Earthing Services and FM Sudafix has been delighted to see its logo underneath the playing surface, appeared on the playing jerseys, and having been worn by NHL players, world boxing champion Carl “The Cobra” Froch (, and international singing sensation Michael Buble ( FM Sudafix and Earthing Services Managing Partner Calum Heath explained, “If we were looking for an ego boost we certainly got that from our association with the Panthers, but in truth we were not, that was a happy side effect. What we hoped to achieve was to support a team that shared many of our values, and also our home town roots. The Panthers is a great club, with a proud legacy and a streak of success that many teams all over the world find astounding.”

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