Baan Tharn Namchai Foundation: Supported by FM Sudafix and Earthing Services

Earthing Services has a number of trusted suppliers and one of its most important is Beauvale Events (, so when Event Director Sarah Lines called and asked for assistance on behalf of Tsunami orphans FM Sudafix immediately agreed.

Having worked with the Nottingham Panthers IHC for some time Beauvale Events contacted them straight after FM Sudafix. As you might expect from a community-spirited and classy organisation like the Panthers they agreed even faster than FM Sudafix. The Panthers, along with their magnificent fans, collected and donated literally tens of boxes of clothes. The most significant single contribution came from former Nottingham Panthers team captain Dwayne Keward whose company Just Schoolwear donated a vast quantity of clothing  ( and will doubtless be praised for years to come for such an incredible act of generosity.

tsunami deliveryEarthing Services provided the warehousing for the clothing in the UK, Pickfords collected the goods and got them to Thailand where its Thai operation collected the goods once they had cleared customs and got them to the orphanage. The local British Consulate formally offered the clothes to the orphanage on behalf of the people of Nottingham and the children finally got some much needed support.

There are two real point to this story, the first being that large organisations may be faceless, but they are not heartless in the sense that they are run by real people who have the same positive and negative points as any of us. It is easy for big business or sports teams to be seen as greedy, or even exploitative, but for no reason other than it being a good thing to do a number contributed to a largely unpublicised grass roots campaign.

The second is possibly the most impressive point: the Baan Tharn Namchai Foundation was started by a normal woman walking along the beach with her child who noticed seemingly lost children. She discovered that they in fact weren’t lost, they were orphans of the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004, which at that time was recent, and she decided to do something about it. The orphanage which over the years cared for dozens and dozens of children did so without government support and because one caring woman decided to make a difference.

It’s a compelling story but it clearly took a woman of comparable sentiment to champion it on the other side of the world despite having no real connection to the foundation, she also cared to make a difference and encouraged others to do the same. Well done Sarah Lines of Beauvale Events, FM Sudafix and all of the other organisations involved are enormously proud of you, and you have in your own way changed the lives of those orphans forever.