JMI Earthing:  A leader from the start

jmi logoJMI was incorporated in 2002 by John Maher and served as a specialist provider of safe system designs in earthing / grounding, lightning protection, stray current management, cathodic protection, surge protection, quality management and environmental management. Under John’s auspices the company exceeded even his admirable reputation. Specialising in the design of earthing/grounding systems, lightning protection systems, cathodic protection systems and the management of stray currents JMI was regarded as the seal of approval on many electrical safety systems.Whilst it was a popular package JMI’s service provision extended beyond earthing system designs. Consultants often made use of the material specification service that JMI offered, helping to ensure that their sites were protected by the most effective materials, components and devices. Frequently their engineers and representatives were required to undertake on-site support or investigations; such were notable in the recurrent demands in the light-rail sector but were available in all of the JMI sectors of operation. The problem resolution service was often needed in extreme climates, areas with corrosive atmospheres, or areas with demanding soil conditions (such as a prevalence of rock). The JMI training team was always in high demand, able to deliver a wide range of courses covering all aspects of its service provision, or to create a bespoke course to meet the specific requirements of its clients.

In 2009 JMI formed part of what was then The FM Sudafix Group, which later became FM Sudafix LLP, whose remit now falls under the auspices of Earthing Services. JMI’s excellent standard of customer focused services live on in the Earthing Services technical department, and John Maher is still at the helm of the technical team.

Calum Heath reviews Technical Engineer Nathan Summers' progress during a visit from Team GB Ice Hockey Star David Clarke

Calum Heath reviews Technical Engineer Nathan Summers’ progress during a visit from Team GB Ice Hockey Star David Clarke

Earthing Services Managing Partner Calum Heath explains, “Even though the integration of JMI within FM Sudafix happened some years ago the phone still regularly rings with customers seeking JMI. The reality is that even though the name changed, the services that we are proud to offer are still the same in breadth, and if anything are much improved. JMI was a great company in its own right and it is only right and fitting that people valued it so much. John Maher adopted many philosophies and principles from his achievements at A.W. Elliott & Co. Ltd. and then improved them. In much the same way the evolution into what is now Earthing Services has seen that seem endowment and professionalism galvanised further and the benefits to the organisation and our client base is evident. JMI was very much focused around the engineering excellence of one person, whereas the Earthing Services technical team gets to build on that using all of the expertise in our now broader engineering base.”


Senior Technical Partner John Maher enjoys receiving a "Nottinghamshire's Best in International Business" award for FM Sudafix, which is Earthing Services' brand partner

Senior Technical Partner John Maher enjoys receiving a “Nottinghamshire’s Best in International Business” award for FM Sudafix, which is Earthing Services’ brand partner

Earthing Services Senior Technical Partner John Maher also shares Calum’s view, “JMI had a great team of people, and I’m pleased to say at this time that they are all still with us, but over the last few years in particular our resource and achievements have demonstrably grown. Many people will point out that experience is sadly something that cannot be bought, and considering the way my expertise has shaped I can see that there is a lot of truth to that. Theory and academia need to be tempted with the pragmatism of a life in construction, which is one of the reasons that we mentor our young engineers and ensure that those experiential lessons are handed on to more swiftly develop a high standard of new engineers. We like improvements, we value the difference an individual can make and we embrace the opportunity to offer more services at a higher standard to our customers. My career has had many engineering highlights, but I am hopeful that there are plenty still to come.”