Theft Resistant Electrical Earthing Systems

thievesCopper, and its derivative alloys, is one of the most frequently stolen metals in the world, and it is one of the most frequently used metals in electrical earthing systems. When electrical earthing systems are vandalised, or have integral components stolen it is overwhelmingly likely that it will no longer function, and may indeed present risks itself. Electrical safety systems protect lives and assets from the threats of electrical current and when they cease to work lives and assets are then exposed to risks. Earthing Services has always been public of the company’s position when it comes to copper thieves; it is an unacceptable behaviour that can result in life changing, or ending injuries.

Depending on the nature of a vandalised, or stolen, system it is possible that interruptions to public, or operational downtime of private sites, whilst the situation is rectified. These unforeseen costs are made all policethe more disappointing because they need not ever have occurred.

Fortunately there are alternatives to simply replacing stolen copper or metallic components, there are ways that electrical earthing systems may be protected from unscrupulous copper thieves and Earthing Services can incorporate these into designs, and provide the support to ensure that eventual installation is successful and the attempts of future thieves will be thwarted. These methods have been independently laboratory tested.

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