What our customers say

Earthing Services loves to hear from its clients, and this process of listening ensures that we continue to deliver the best customer experience. As a technology positive company offering pioneering products and methods we have come to expect a level of caution when discussing our approach with interested parties. New customers often find it useful to see what our existing clients think of working with us. As a sample we have selected a few testimonials from our large EV charging point customer segment, here are a few examples…

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"Having installed many EVSE chargers, our most significant bugbear has always been obtaining the required earth resistance readings to ensure that we remain compliant. I have to say it’s not often that you find a golden nugget, but on this occasion, this is what we found. The ConduDisc is easy to install and delivers resistance readings way within the requirements as set out by the IET. In summary, it’s a great product, at a great price and does more than it says on the packet, we will be using the ConduDiscs on all our future installations."​
Andy Dillon

The team at Verilogic took the opportunity to record one of their installations using ConduDisc and Conducrete, which you can see here. If you watch all the way to the end of the video you will notice how the electrical resistance continues to drop throughout the installation process, and how quickly the highly effective electrical is achieved.

During the installation of Conducrete you will notice that the diligent operatives compress the product in the knowledge that compression enhances the earthing performance. However, you do not need to compress the Conducrete until you have reinstated some excavated material first. Whenever you are using Conducrete do not compress until you’ve carefully shovelled in some excavated material first, the Conducrete is a really fine powder and if you try and compress the Conducrete without reinstating a small amount of excavated material first then you might find it results in excessive clouding. In all Verilogic’s subsequent installations they only compressed the Conducrete following reinstatement, and Earthing Services endorses their earthing approach for all future installations using this method. For more information please contact our team.


Video copyright belongs to Verilogic and is used with its kind permission. 

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"The Conducrete met expectations and more really. We used in hard ground conditions with services in proximity and obtained the required resistance readings immediately. We will definitely use again in the future."​
Jordan Greenan
E-Verve Energy
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"We will be using this again."
Owen Ellis
Electric Car Chargers UK​
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"The earth reading achieved was 8.3 ohms! Awesome"
Paul Meadowcroft​
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"Following the installations of the Conducrete system we reviewed the new process, and realised the following benefits:- - Significant reduction in cost by two thirds when compared to SMBC usual method. - Simple and easy process to install. - Reduced excavations / reinstatements and associated machinery and equipment on site. - Less disruption and impact on the local residents and traffic routes. - Less time on site. - Operatives carrying out the works comments are positive as they find this is an easy process and able to complete installations with less hard work and hit their daily targets quicker. - Earth resistance readings are significantly improved, and continue to improve as the installation matures. Solihull MBC’s street lighting department are so impressed with this method of providing earth electrodes, we now adopting this method and will add this method to our street lighting specification for installations within Solihull."​
Darron Allen​
Solihull MBC​

So that’s a sample from the EV customer base, however Earthing Services works across many sectors, including: power generation, transmission and distribution; light and heavy rail; telecommunications; pipelines and general construction. In essence if there is an electrical earth required then we will have a solution that is more effective, longer lasting, easier to install and faster to install than conventional methods with case studies and customer testimonials to allay an early adopter anxiety.