Earthing Services: How We Can Help




Earthing Services undertakes soil resistivity surveys, which are required to design an effective electrical earthing system.




Earthing Services designs value engineered earthing systems that manage electrical faults, which comply with all relevent requirements.




Earthing Services supplies earthing system products, which should be an early consideration to achieve every financial efficiency.




Earthing Services validates electrical earthing systems to ensure that they function as the design intended, to protect lives and assets.

Why choose Earthing Services?

Earthing Services saves time, money, and lives in the electrical safety sector. Being experts in electrical earthing systems for both above and below 1000V, stray current management systems for rail applications, and many other electrical safety concerns, Earthing Services can turn your electrical safety problems into cost-effective solutions. With significant experience in designing electrical earthing systems for a variety of applications including, solar farms, wind turbines, conventional power generation, energy from waste, light and heavy rail, power distribution, telecommunications and significant construction projects, Earthing Services ensure that their clients’ sites comply with all relevant standards, codes of practice, specifications, and the requirements of any interfacing organisations, such as DNOs or regulators. Contacting Earthing Services is the first step towards ending all of your electrical earthing problems.

Professional design and testing services that comply with the requirements of standards, specifications and DNOs
Value engineered solutions to ensure that installation and material needs are efficiently determined
Exclusive access to Conducrete conductive concrete, independently proven to surpass comparable products

Earthing Services provides electrical earthing solutions, products and support to all sectors. Whatever your needs we are happy to help.