Technical Services at Earthing Services

Earthing Services  engineers using a rail drill to install equipotential bonds

Earthing Services engineers using a rail drill to install equipotential bonds

If you are working on a solar farm, wind turbine installation, energy from waste site, transmission line, electrical substation, light or heavy rail project, telecommunications infrastructure, or other significant construction element then you will require a safe electrical earthing / grounding system. That’s the time to turn to Earthing Services. Keeping our clients’ safe from the dangers of fault electrical current is what we do. Each project is different, and as customers contact Earthing Services at different stages it is likely that the variety of service, support, or product will vary. What it is important for people new to the company to know is that whatever their needs Earthing Services will be able to support them, and the easiest way to find out how best the company can help is to call or send an email via the contact page of this website.

To learn more about the variety of services on offer please see the “specialist services summary”, or to see what any individual service covers please feel free to visit any of the dedicated pages.

Consultants ask for Earthing Services by name, and consequently we do not think it is unreasonable that they ask for the name of the technical representative who will support their project. Significant projects deserve to be served by the highest level of expertise, and earthing/grounding, lightning protection, stray current management, cathodic protection and surge protection are not areas for exception.

Unlike other sector companies who claim to be able to offer technical support, Earthing Services was determined to prove this capacity; this commitment led to the acquisition of JMI to obtain the expertise of John Maher’s team. Having a renowned and respected captain of industry heading up the technical division, and making this transparent to our clients, demonstrates clearly that Earthing Services is the only realistic choice when selecting a manufacturer that can also support projects.

Earthing Services has earned its reputation for technical excellence through its proven support of a wide array of prestigious projects. Whether our clients have a quick question to direct to an experienced member of our team, require safety systems design for their site or need more regular and comprehensive ongoing support, the technical team area always happy to help. To further demonstrate our commitment to excellence Earthing Services services are all thoroughly reviewed to ensure continued effectiveness. Earthing Services clients are confident that they receive the best support available.