Stray Current Corrosion Protection System: Design

Stray current corrosion management is best commenced from the outset of a project. There is nothing as disappointing, or as costly, as attempting to rectify stray current problems at the end of a construction package that were built into a system a year or two before. Companies responsible for installing DC rail systems, such as a light rail extension, should recognise the importance of effectively addressing this aspect and that it is invariably the sort of pass/fail criteria that clients stringently specify.

Stray current management design

The design team at Earthing Services has decades of experience in designing and specifying stray current corrosion protection systems, and it is for this reason that companies responsible for light rail installations contact the company to ensure that they are sufficiently supported in this area by experienced professionals. Too often do companies recognise their own knowledge gaps too late to save time and money. If you would like to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact Earthing Services.