ConduFlow is a pourable earthing backfill that offers unparalleled performance. Used in conjunction with metallic conductors, or our ConduDisc, ConduFlow is dramatically improving the performance of electrical earthing systems all over the world; furthermore it is making engineers an awful lot happier because it is easier and faster than conventional methods.

ConduFlow is one of the most conductive products in our range, not only that, but it has incredible binding properties to a surrounding mass of earth. As such ConduFlow can dramatically enhance any electrical earthing system and prevent any encased metallic elements from deterioration due to current discharge or hostile ground conditions. 

ConduFlow is supplied in two parts, being the main conductive element and a curing agent. Mixing these together is simply done using a range of widely available tooling, one of which is usually already part of an installation team’s site equipment, or can be obtained with negligible expense. 

As can be seen in the video mixing the two parts of ConduFlow together generates quite a lot of rotation in the container itself, so a simple template can be used to stabilise it during this process. Also evidenced in the video is how quickly the two elements are mixed making the product ready for installation. 

At Earthing Services / SAE we pride ourselves on taking the thinking and effort out of installing electrical earthing / grounding systems. This can be evidenced in not only the superior products that we have developed, but in the methodology that accompanies them. The ethos is we do the hard work in developing the products and refining the methodology so that any installation operative requires as little time and effort, using as few tools as possible when it comes to doing the work. 

This approach can be seen throughout the product range, but really is exemplified in the accompanying video here. Once the two elements are mixed together (as shown above) using the product is as simple as emptying the container into a hole. This means if site conditions are challenging, and weather is unhelpful, then the work itself will take only minutes to complete.

The first part of the above clip demonstrates how easily ConduFlow can be used without any extra digging, or installing remote conductors. By utilising the existing cable excavations ConduFlow can encase metallic conductors (protecting them from deterioration) and achieve a superior level of binding with the surrounding mass of earth. Through a combination of the unique bonding attribute and the low resistance in the product itself ConduFlow makes installation fast, easy, and more effective than anything else on the market.