e5 podcasts

The e5 Group has quickly established itself as the voice of wisdom and reason in the electrical sector. Drawing on hard won experience, close attention to the evolution of standards, and expert knowledge on developments in the sector, all injected with a healthy dose of humour, the e5 Group podcasts have been the go-to place for every person working with electricity in any capacity. 

EP 82: Earthing without Rods

This podcasts covers the concept of earthing without rods, taking in:

  • developments in technology in methods and products
  • the evolving needs of the EV sector
  • the unreliability of earth rods
  • safety issues facing installers and users of facilities relying on earth rods

EP 83 Earthing Innovation

This podcasts covers all kinds of issues, including:

  • How earth rods and conventional methods have been eclipsed in terms of safety and efficacy
  • The development of the ConduDisc
  • The impact of ConduForm
  • ConduFlow’s use and differences to Conducrete
  • Utilising bodies of water for earthing, and providing electrical safety for marinas
  • Corrosion prevention on transmission infrastructure
  • Fence earthing for rail networks